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Recently I had the privilege of addressing a group of teenagers from my local church on leadership. I will be sharing with us today a few conclusions that were drawn from that session.

The most important definition that has been to leadership (at least to me) is ‘Leadership is influence’.

Leadership is not about showing and proving that you are the boss, neither is it ordering people around and being stern to them. It’s about the ability to affect the lives of people around you without them knowing.

Considering the topic Teen Leaders, we refer to teens/ adolescent who has the power to affect their peers and influence them. The truth is, we start honing our leadership skills from our teenage years so that when we eventually find ourselves on bigger platforms later in life, we won’t be found wanting in any areas of our life as well as fulfill our obligations appropriately.

As much as we encourage people to build their leadership skills, we also encourage them to acknowledge that they are followers. In essence, you need to respect and honor those that are in place of authority or are ahead of you wherever you find yourself. Never forget that at every stage of your life, you are leading a group of people and also, you are following a leader or some leaders. To be effective on both areas, you will require some serious dosage of humility.

Also, leadership is not about the position. You might not have a position wherever you are but you can influence your peers. So, teenagers you don’t need to wait for the time you hold a position before you begin impacting and influencing people around you positively.

A leader takes charge wherever he is not being bossy over others but instead encouraging and helping them especially if there is a situation at hand that needs attention.

Always remember that you as an individual Have Your Sphere Of Influence i.e. there are groups of people observing you and taking note of the things you do and can easily be convinced by you. Do not abuse your opportunity and influence them wrongly.

            Leadership is exemplifying your expectations of people to them.

What leadership is?

  • Dressing moderately and never sending the wrong message
  • Exemplifying good manners wherever you find yourself
  • Conducting yourself properly in public places
  • Reacting positively under intense pressure

What leadership is not?

  • Dishing out instructions like
  • Using insulting or vulgar language to assert your authority

Leadership is simply living your life in such a way that God would be proud of it and your fellow teens can observe and emulate.

In conclusion, the bible records about Jesus that “of the things He began to do and teach”, we can infer that he led and taught people things that he himself practiced.

Be true to yourself.

Be a positive influence to your peers



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