Whenever I have an opportunity to address teenagers, the first topic that pops up on my mind I the matter of purpose and self-discovery. As important as it is, today’s topic is of paramount importance.
Upon discovering who you are, where you are i.e. what stage of your life you are, who you ought to be and where you ought to be; you will discover that if you do not value and appreciate yourself, all the discovery would have been to no avail.
Self-appreciation is very important especially to teenagers because of the level of peer influence in our generation today is on the rise and it takes a teenager that knows and appreciate his/herself to weather the storm of social, electronic and peer influence they are being exposed to.
Let’s now understand the concept of self-appreciation. Appreciation is an ability to understand the worth, quality or importance of something or someone. A full awareness or understanding of something (Merriam Webster dictionary).
The term self-appreciation simply put is to understand the value of who I am. A full awareness of my self-worth. Self-appreciation entails first understanding who you are and then placing value on yourself respectively.
The concept of self-appreciation eats deep into the very fabric that makes our personality. It entails every aspect of our life; spiritual, social, psychological and even our emotional wellbeing. When this concept is fully understood and absorbed, it helps us have a healthy self-esteem.
The quote ‘knowledge is power’ is equally applicable to self-appreciation because it is the knowledge of who we are that helps us place value on ourselves hereby giving us the power to repel negative influences from the environment. To thrive in this generation of advancing pressure from the social, mass media and peer influence, it takes only teenagers that have a strong spine of values and self-worth (self-appreciation) to really maintain their stand.
I charge you therefore as teens that want to make a difference in your generation that you begin to acknowledge your relevance to yourself, community and the nation at large and understand that you are a person of worth, value-giver and a positive change agent despite your seeming inability.
Self-appreciation is not being overly proud or egoistic but being aware of your value such that others around you begin to value you, understanding your self-worth and appreciating yourself as a person.
Never forget, you are fearfully and wonderfully made and you have been charged with a mandate to take dominion.
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