It was final year in senior secondary school, the aura of excitement all around me was so spunky. The final exams (WAEC) were on my mind as well as the much anticipated valedictory service. The thoughts of how the after party would look like was exonerating. I was living in the future meanwhile unknown to me that currently the math teacher had strolled in to class to teach. While the teacher was teaching, he observed that my gaze was into nothingness, he screamed my name, Abiola, yet I didn’t respond, it took a nudge from Austin to knock me back into consciousness. Then Mr. Wale asked the ultimate question, what did I say last? There I was just staring at the board, I had no clue whatsoever on what he had been saying for the last 20mins. My punishment was to remain standing for the rest of the class to ensure I pay rapt attention for the remaining period left for the class. School ended that day on a high for me, I was still basking in the euphoria of the fact that i’m now in my finals.

The next day at school, I overheard a conversation about a party being organized by the most popular and envious clique in school. They were just giving progress report on their preparations and planning while they gisted. I saw Emeka in the group so I decided I was going to ask for the details later that day. So I just went past them pretending like I didn’t hear a thing. I had promised myself beforehand that I was going to enjoy my final year splendidly. The bell rang for the end of school that day and I quickly located Emeka. I chatted him up and made inquiries about the rumour of a party going down that weekend organised by his clique and he confirmed that the rumours are true. I asked him if I could get an invite for the party and he said yes. He then reminded me that we have been friends for close to 4years so it’s the least he could for me. We both giggled as we went home.

This was the event that changed my story not for the better though. I got to the venue for the party, I found out it was a birthday party of one of the members of the clique. I was doing some calculations in my head, instead of enjoying the party, the hall was exquisite and fully air conditioned, wines and drinks appeared to be in excess and the food was superb. Then I got confused, I observed that the birthday celebrant was not from a noble home and the family was an average one, there was no way his parent could afford such a party. His friends as well couldn’t have raised the kind of money that was on display that day. I halted my thoughts and swung into action confronting Emeka that how did they get the fund for such a huge party? He began to dodge the question and asked me how the party was going, I halted him and asked the question again he tried meandering it this time. Then I reminded him of the number of assignments I had assisted him with and numerous time he had come to me begging for assistance in a subject or the other which I would explain to him and he understood them.

Then he took me by the hand and we went to a private place where the music from the speakers were much lower in volume and we could hear ourselves clearly. He had me promise him that I won’t react wildly or create a scene when he tells me. I promised to be calm. He told me what he and other members of the clique did to get their money, I was awestruck and my jaw dropped. He scolded me and reminded me that I made him a promise. I had to put myself together still dazed by what he told me though, he left and joined the party. Before he left, I told him to give me the weekend to think about it since it was Saturday. I couldn’t join the party anymore, I headed straight for the exit and was on my way home. It was like I had just stepped on a mine which could go off if I take off my legs so I was considering and weighing all my options all the way till I got home.



To be continued…


What do you think Emeka told Abiola that made him awestruck?

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  1. nice piece, guess emaka told abiola hw he nd his friends gets their money, which is unthinkable following the reaction of abiola.
    wich could involve selling or delivering drugs nd could be fruad also. however way it is, waiting for the continuation. God bless u.


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