Slave to my whims

It’s no longer news how much immorality have overrun our world today. In fact, the rate at which its different forms are being recorded and exhibited on a daily basis is alarming especially amongst the teens and youths of the society. In as much as we will like it to call it youthful exuberance, then I wonder what are we going to call the ones being perpetrated by the elderly ones in the society and the positional leaders as well.

We are in a generation where doing the right thing and having the right set of values is seen as being old fashioned and an abnormality. People even look at you like “really, are you ok”. And on the other hand, the immoral ones are being celebrated even for their immorality and the most painful part is they are role models to our younger generation who draw up conclusions like “if it’s ok for him to do it then its ok for me to do it”.

Having whims (a sudden wish, desire, decision etc.) is not bad in itself, but being slaves to them, reduces our humanity to bare animality. Let’s imagine a scenario, you hosted some of your colleagues for thanksgiving and during dinner, your dog suddenly walked up to the dining hall and peed on the carpet. You can guess the disgust from your colleagues fuming towards how untrained the dog is. Some might even offer a word or two on you training your dog.

Same thing goes with us being slaves to our whims, it shows we lack training, self-control and discipline. If only we would train ourselves appropriately, weighing every decisions we make, every action we take, considering the ripple effects it will have on our neighbours and community. Only then will we tame the animalistic side of the human nature and release ourselves to love.

Being slaves to our whims reduces the quality of life we exudes. Same way we got irritated by the action of that dog should be the same way we get whenever we fall slaves to our whims without careful analysis of what the consequences of our decision/action will be. We are better than the society paints immorality, God himself divinely placed a moral compass in us all. Let’s ensure we don’t lose it.

Make a decision today to train your mind and discipline your body not to always give in to your whims.



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