What Is That In Your Hands

Most times in our pursuit for meaning and the reason for our lives, we tend to look outside and let the environment determine what we become. But in all honesty, all that we need to make meaning of our life and add values to our community is present in our hands.
In our bid to understand the purpose of our life, we neglect those things that are unique about us. Those experiences we have had, those skills we have acquired over time and those inherent gifts that we posses. We tend to look at acquiring new things (skills, interest and training’s) before we venture into doing something or influencing lives.

The question I pose to you today is, What is in your hands; what skills or talents do you possess that you could start out with to better your community and your life. In the journey to find purpose in life, I have learnt to call my finding while finding my call (limitless Fash, 2016). Meaning I start with what I have and where I am and I keep moving forward because only then can the path get brighter and clearer. So, I did rather we start from the known while we then begin to unearth the unknown.
This way, we start to make meaning and find our path instead of being idle and becoming redundant. It keeps us busy while the bigger picture gets formed and impressed upon our hearts.

What do you have in your hands; what are doing currently with it; make meaning with your life and make your life count
Stay purposeful
AlO Ezekiel O.

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