Have you ever wondered why facebook asks you what is on your mind? Because,____ we will come back to it before we finish these session
Now, the driving force behind all of the actions we take is because of the decisions we made in our mind. I don’t react to someone that slapped me on the face because the person hit me, I react because I made a decision in my mind to retaliate. Also, have you ever wondered why after you hit a tree, it doesn’t retaliate? This is because the tree as no mind of its own to process such and respond. Sometimes as teenagers, we conclude to choose a course in jamb because our parents says so, but we often neglect the fact that somewhere in our subconscious we agreed to the decisions that has been made for us by our parent.
This session seeks to address how we can use our minds to make positive decisions based on our needs, gifts and the opinion of others.
About 10 years ago, there was this trend of using cheat codes for browsing which bypasses the networks provider. It saved me having to source for fund to subscribe back then because it was expensive. I was of the opinion that since MTN made so much money, I wasn’t doing something that bad besides they have already made so much money from us. Although it was a form of cheating (cheating is cheating by the way), my mind had accepted using these cheat codes as a normal thing meaning no problem.
But when it really dawned on me that it was totally wrong, I told myself that the cheat code was stealing. Since I changed my perception, I have always had sufficient money to purchase data bundle ever since then. It was as if the world knew I had a change of heart from using cheat codes. After I worked on my mind to stop using the cheat, it seems the entire universe understood and so the data rate began to drop and money to purchase data was just somehow available.
Also, several years back, I had always wanted to read the bible from Genesis to Revelation, but I had told myself that it wasn’t possible, I couldn’t possibly do it. I had school books to read, other books to study and classes to attend. I couldn’t fathom how I would accomplish it. My dad even assisted me by dividing it up for me into bits with timelines such that I could accomplish the mission, but my mind had already determined that it was too big a task to accomplish and so it was. 5years ago, I told myself, come on Fash, nothing is impossible to do. Then my mind was renewed and had a new orientation. Now, am going over it from Genesis to revelation the 5th time and almost through. I should commence the 6th reading before the turn of the year. This happened when I spoke to my mind.
While I was much younger, at puberty stage, I had so much pimples that I began to convince myself in my mind that I am not attractive. Even while in final year in secondary school, I was the senior prefect of the school, prior to that during valedictory service hosted by the school for our then seniors while I was in SSS 2, I had won 6 awards for being the best in 6 varying subjects. I was that intelligent as a person, but for the pimples. While my friends were asking ladies out, they always came to me for advice and instruction on the how. But I couldn’t even attempt to do so because I had told my mind I wasn’t handsome enough. This persisted to my university days LOL. But it wasn’t true, it was the instructions I had programmed into my mind. Then I had to sit myself down and asked myself, Fash, what is that thing/gift that you possess that attracts people to you. But remember the pimples was what I felt would repel people from me which was a wrong perception of myself. Then, I evaluated the gifts that God deposited in me that made people come around me. Then I listed them out.
At this point, I did like you to take time out to list the things/gifts that you possess that attract people to you.
We have limitless gifts which attract people to us which can in turn generate wealth for us.
You can enhance your gifts by the strength of your mind and develop it to be profitable to you.
For instance, Alo Damilola deemed it fit to host me for this conference because one of my many gifts is to speak, to help people and help them fine tune there gifts. For those of us that don’t know that they have amazing gifts, we will identify them, develop them and maximise them and use them to achieve their goals after this session. I get paid to use my gifts on several platforms. One of my gifts is to write, I write on my facebook wall daily and almost every of my friends get to read them freely. Also, people pay me to write for them. So I need us to understand, where do all this things I possess come from? THE MIND. We have the mind of God, a mind that can create things, everything that we want to have in our lives, comes through the mind. God will not deposit ideas on our hands, legs or buttocks but on our minds.
That’s why facebook simply asks you, what is on your mind?
A friend of mine loves to smile and knows how to smile a lot. She has used this gift of hers to get jobs, to win the hearts of people to her business. So, what do you do with your gifts?
The gift you possess, are you maximising it? God as deposited all this gifts in us so we can achieve our dreams and be the best we can be. Now a simple equation to illustrate all we have been talking about,
Your Mind + Your Gift = Solutions to Problems
Then everything we want in life will fall in place.
For all the gifts you possess, start identifying the problems you could solve with them.
Remain limitless.

Fasoranti Damilola


  1. Great piece!

    If men can explore the use of the mind and cultivate the right use of it, their lives would be a lot better.

    The human mind being a component of the soul is so large, spaceous and unfathomable that it is considered as being weightier than the whole world. In it we conceive ideas that creates our own world


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