A simple dictionary definition of Network described it as an interconnected system of things or people. For the purpose of tonight, we are much more interested in the “people” part.

Networking is a good concept in computer science. It describes the transfer and reception of volumes of data (information) from one computer to the other.

Without a proper understanding of networking, we will not be able to have this conference tonight.

When we talk about net worth, we will have to talk about assets and liabilities. Net worth on the other hand describes how much an entity is worth.

One important resource God gave man is the human capital. God understands the vast benefits embedded in human relationships; so He created humans for bonding. This session aims at helping us maximize the right relationships to increase our worth. God created us as social beings that should interact with one another. We were not created to be lone rangers.

For effective networking, the bonding is expected to be deep and not superficial. There should be a deep connection among both parties. For example, in the garden of Eden God set into motion the concept of networking. He saw that man needed help so brought in another human for assistance note not an animal. During creation as well, God the father didn’t act on His own but instead said “let us create man in our own image”. Networking is a template set by God for man in other to achieve much more in life, we have to maximize relationships.

The quality of your network will determine your corresponding net worth. When we talk about net worth, we refer to assets and liabilities. Our focus is that our assets outweigh our liabilities. Our net worth is not limited to money only, it is useful in evaluating human relationships because we exchange time, thoughts, ideologies etc. Human capital can’t be traded for money, that’s why we ought to carefully select our networks as teenagers.

Let’s consider this scenario for instance, when you relate with mr A on a consistent basis, there are two possible outcomes. It’s either you gain from that relationship (i.e. the assets accrued to you via the relationship outweighs the liabilities) or you get drained (and vice versa) depending on the exchange that takes place. Gain in the sense that I get better by virtue of the relationship and drained that I am not getting better and sometimes even worse off than before the relationship.

Two things are essential when we consider networks

  • Strength of connections i.e. considering network providers such as MTN or GLO, when you get to places of low network signal, reception is very poor and vice versa when u get to place of strong connections.
  • Consistency of the relationships. E.g. while charging your mobile device, consistently ejecting it from the source of power and plugging it back will disallow sufficient power flow into your device. When you note that a person can be vital to your life and your dreams, it is important to be consistent with such relationships. Also, note that some relationships are for a season but still, consistency is key.

Why is networking important

  • Your networks most often defines who you are i.e. your association is a proper reflection of who you are. Unlike in physics, in life likes attract likes.
  • Your network defines the outcome of your life i.e. a proverb states “he that works with the wise shall become wise but the companion of fools will be destroyed”.

There is a particular axiom that states that you are only 5 people away from whoever you want to meet.

Networking levels

  • Above – superiors, those who have gone ahead of you
  • Across – your peers or colleagues
  • Below – those you are ahead of

A good network will

  1. Give you an edge over those who are lone rangers and those in defective relationships
  2. Enhance your speed at achieving things
  3. Help you avoid making costly mistakes
  4. Helps you conserve your strength through distribution of tasks

What should necessitate our choice of a network?

  1. Purpose
  2. Compatibility
  3. Career
  4. Companionship

Note while choosing a network

  • Don’t allow emotions cloud your clarity and judgement
  • Don’t be hasty in making such decisions
  • Don’t make light of whoever god brings across your path




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