The Place Of Your Mind On Becoming

One important asset common to all human is the mind. The ability to maximise it’s benefits is what differentiates us all. That is what brought about segregation into classes in the dirst place. Our mind helps us project the image of what we would like to become in a particular time and space.
Our dreams are being drawn up on the tablets of mind. Your mind is the bank where you can possess trillons of dollars without being scared of the police and financial crime commissions. But most times we neglect this important usage of our mind in scheming up and projecting what our future should look like.
The thing is we only feature in the future that we can picture. You imagine a future, your mind creates a mental image of it, you believe it is possible and you work smart and hard towards it trusting God for it’s fulfillment.
Consider a pawn in game of chess, it can become the queen if he gets to the other end of the territory of the opposition. Same goes for us also, when we are resolute in our resolve, we can become whatever it is we imagine in our heart.
Now that you have this image/picture impressed in your mind it becomes purposeful to run through life. Ever when challenges/obstacle come up, because of the future you are going to, you choose not to give up. Your mind is an important tool on becoming all that God wants you to be.
Drill: Paint a picture of the future you want to feature in and impress it on your mind. You can as well write it down.

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