How do you perceive yourself, Royalty?

Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart (Kahlil Gibran).
How people perceive us is solely down to how we present ourselves to them. Technically, that people look down on us is our fault and that they respect us is also our doing. In essence you have the power to change peoples opinion about you and change their perspective. You are in control of how you want to be perceived in public. This reminds me of the story of a certain Ape. Most people disliked the Ape because they said it was ugly (their perception), although the Ape didn’t changed its appearance, it went on being an Ape. The mother Ape so loved the Ape that she throws stones at people in retaliation for throwing stone at her baby (her perception). The contrast here is our perception of people, things and circumstances will definitely differ but when we don’t perceive ourselves in a positive light it becomes difficult for people to perceive you as a Royalty as well.
What is your perception about yourself, positive or negative; do you feel you are beautiful or ugly. It is what you think that ultimately shapes what people think about you.
Your self-esteem might have been murdered by friends or even family but we have the final say as to whether we respect ourselves enough to not heed to people criticism. The truth is if we don’t regard ourselves highly people won’t regard us highly as well. You need to respect yourself enough to know that you are a priced asset so you don’t feel inferior and a liability to people. God has made us all to be very unique and different in our personality. Like my friend GB of personage consult will say “leverage on your appearance to create a positive first impression”. A detailed attention to your appearance might be all you need to create a positive perception in the minds of people.
When you have a wrong image, people seem to lose interest in you hence their perception of you is very poor. But when you learn to leverage on your appearance, understanding that you are Royalty, public opinions about you becomes more positive, you get higher poll ratings with people.
Learn to always confess positively about yourself and into your life. You were created to do much more than you are doing currently, become all that you are meant to be, develop a positive perception about yourself.

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