Crowd Mentality Syndrome

Crowd mentality syndrome is one of the major problems faced by young people in this generation. It is a major dysfunction in our system due to peer pressure.

Let’s consider the words involved in the phrase crowd mentality syndrome

Crowd             : A large number of persons especially when collected together.

Mentality         : A particular way of thinking.

Syndrome        : A group of signs and symptoms that occur together and characterize a particular      abnormality or condition.

: A set of concurrent things (emotions or actions) that usually form an identifiable pattern

So we can put this individual word definition together:

Crowd mentality syndrome is a particular way of thinking or acting that usually forms an identifiable pattern of bad behavior & habits that a large number of people are involved in together.

The following statistics is an assumed stat of the community where I grew in

~ Some Ten years back, 1 in 15 girls attempt sex as a gift for writing WAEC and 1 in 10 got pregnant. It’s a crowd mentality syndrome. They have been led to believe that it is a norm.

~ But now while in secondary school the mentality of sex is normal putting young girls at the risk of teenage pregnancy. They have been led into believing that premarital sex is normal and there is no virtue in waiting.

~ The average male/female teen now is thinking about making money. It is a good thing the only problem is the how and why.

Why: Because they want to oppress their friends and impress the opposite sex.

How: Legitimately or not, they don’t care because their slogan is “money must be made”.

Syndrome: They Sometime engage in internet fraud, fraud generally, stealing, prostitution, drugs etc. to make money.

There are a lot of teen entrepreneurs out there making money legitimately and putting their creativity and hobbies into good use.

The bane of crowd mentality syndrome is it kills our creativity, lowers our self-esteem and damage our self-worth.

The society has also contributed to the crowd mentality syndrome. Most teenager have as their role models celebrities especially musicians. The life they portray on their music videos is what they try to emulate e.g. Substance abuse (weed, codeine, shisha etc.) indecent dressing, fraud (chache/shashe) and smoking.

They paint the picture so nice in music videos that teen’s fall for it. Same goes for the indecent dresses there ladies put on to dance in there videos. Most teens want to emulate them especially the foreign female celebs and our local ones as well.

It’s all part of the crowd mentality syndrome.

You do not need to smoke to be called a cool guy, neither do you need to be dressed in a sexually provocative manner to be tagged beautiful nor do you need to get involve in fraudulent activities to become successful.

Stay clear of the crowd mentality syndrome.

How do I break free?

* Self-awareness and self-worth: you need to know your worth and be aware of who you want to be

* Understand that the fact that everybody is going in a particular direction does not make it the right direction. They could all be headed in the wrong direction. Keep a watchful eye.

* Set out your values and know what you stand for and stand by it.

* Engage in productive activities and skill up yourself

* Be a reader become exposed.


Be true to yourself, don’t follow the crowd.

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