Make a clean break

Sometimes we feel we are far too gone in guilt and immorality that we think there is no coming back from it. Sometimes, it seems like where do I want to start from. Also, we sometimes think we need to get our acts together in other to be free of certain habits.
In all honesty, breaking free of certain habits doesn’t happen in a day but deciding to break free only requires a split second decision and a lifelong commitment to such decision.
Our world today has really complicated matters by stigmatizing people with obscene habits. The truth is, it’s difficult to accept people with certain habits that are extreme. But today, I can categorically tell you that there is one person that is closest to you when everyone else seems to be deserting you.
He doesn’t need you to clean yourself up before approaching Him. He only wants you to come as you are and give him an audience in your heart. He wants nothing more than to help you break free and make a clean break. I presnt to you Jesus Christ, the ultimate companion and friend. He sees you the way you are and still wants you that way to grant him audience so He can work on those habits and guilts. He wants nothing more but to effect in you the change you require and that which you need to make a clean break.

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